The constructor is a magic method that is automatically called upon at the instantiation of a new object.



public function __construct() {

... code goes here...



(*note: magic methods start with a double underscore __ and will be discussed below)


A class showing a constructor being automatically called upon an object's instantiation:

	class Dog {

		public function __construct() {
			echo "An instance of the the '" . __CLASS__ . "' class has been instantiated!";
	$fido = new Dog;

Save & refresh browser:

An instance of the the 'Dog' class has been instantiated!



*note: the above code example also uses the __CLASS__ magic constant, which returns the name of the class


  • When using inherited classes,¬†PHP initially looks for and if found will use that¬†constructor in the child class
  • If the child class does not have a constructor, PHP will look to the parent, and then the grand parent, until it reaches the top or finds a constructor
  • Only one constructor will be called

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